This app is a fun and interactive Physarum Polycephalum simulation project, built using MetalKit and SwiftUI.

Explore the unique features of the slime mold by adjusting various parameters and see how it evolves and adapts to its new environment. ??

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? Getting Started

To get started with the physarum-simulation, simply clone this GitHub repo and open it in Xcode. Ensure you have the required dependencies (MetalKit and SwiftUI) installed.

git clone

? How to Use

  1. Open the project in Xcode.
  2. Run the project on your preferred simulator or connected iOS device.
  3. Use the provided sliders and options to adjust the Physarum simulation parameters.
  4. Watch the slime mold adapt and evolve in real time! ?

? Adjustable Parameters

The app allows you to tinker with the following parameters to create unique simulations:

  • Agent Count
  • Agent Speed
  • Sensor Offset
  • Sensor Angle
  • Evaporation Rate
  • Turn Speed
  • Trail Weight
  • Multiple Species

Feel free to experiment with different combinations to create amazing patterns and simulations! ?

? Resources

Explore more about Physarum Polycephalum and how to create similar simulations:

Enjoy playing with app and unleash your creativity! ?


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