Tuist Sourcery plugin

A plugin that extends Tuist and calls Sourcery for a given module. Sourcery needs to be installed: brew install sourcery

For example:

tuist sorcery --project-path <path/to/project> --template-path SourceryTemplates --output-path Tests/Mocks Home

When run in the same directory as the project, a directory exists named SourceryTemplates that contains the stencil, then the command can be shortened to

tuist sourcery Home

In the example project Home has a dependency on Common, and therefore it will be included in the sources passed to Sourcery.


The plugin needs to be defined in the Config.swift file.

let config = Config(
    plugins: [.git(url: "", tag: "0.1.0")]

Once updated, run tuist fetch to install it.

The plugin generates all the paths for all the sources based on iterating over a target’s dependencies. Then post generation, it inserts the @testable import for each dependency.

It makes an assumption that all the modules are under a path ./Core and that all the feature modules are under ./Features, and that no feature module can depend on another feature module. This is just a proof of concept and if you want to use it you will have to update some of the constants defined at the top of Sources/TuistSourceryPlugin/Commands/GenerateCommand.swift


Argument Short Description Default Required
--project-path -p The path to the directory that contains the Project.swift. If not specified, the current directory is used. It will exit if the project is not found. ./ No
--template-path -t The path to the Sourcery template. If not specified it uses a default SourceryTemplates. The template must be named AutoMockable.stencil SourceryTemplates No
--output-path -o The path for the output. If not specified it will use a default Tests/Mocks. Tests/Mocks No
--debug -d Show debug information. No
--help -h Show help information. No

Testing The Project

Download and open Package.swift. Wait for the Swift packages to load, and for Xcode to work out this is a Mac project and have a target to run. Edit the scheme and add launch arguments

–project-path /path-to-project/Tests/Example/Pokedex/ Home

This will generate the mocks at Pokedex/Features/Home/Tests/Mocks/AutoMockable.generated.swift

As this source file is already added to the repo, delete it, and note that it is generated again.

The binary generated is here: DerivedData/SourceryPlugin/Build/Products/Debug


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