A powerful and elegant Core Data framework for Swift.


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Simple do that:

let query = persistentContainer.viewContext.people
    .where { \.city == "Piracicaba" }
    .orderBy { \.name }

for person in query.dropFirst(20).prefix(10) {
    print(, person.address)

Or that:

persistentContainer.performBackgroundTask { context in
    let query = context.people
        .filtered(using: \.country == "Brazil" && \.isContributor == true)
        .sorted(by: .descending(\.contributionCount))
        .sorted(by: \.name)

    if let person = query.first() {

After that:

import AlecrimCoreData

extension ManagedObjectContext {
    var people: Query<Person> { return Query(in: self) }

let persistentContainer = PersistentContainer()

And after your have created your matching managed object model in Xcode, of course. ;-)


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You can also contribute by fixing errors or creating new features. When doing this, please submit your pull requests to this repository as I do not have much time to "hunt" forks for not submitted patches.

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AlecrimCoreData is released under an MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.