Weather Report (Programming Test)

To build the full project, feel free to checkout the ‘feature/persistence’ branch

Time Spent

I started this project on Monday morning and spent about 16 hours coding

Design Choices

I decided to go for a more complex and time consuming solution considering that I’m applying to a senior role.

Instead of building something quickly by storing the Data as JSON, I went with a CoreData solution (which I’m admittedly a little new to)

Additionally, I built out the “Weather Services” folder as if it were a seperate library, using appropriate access control (public, internal private). The async service class is probably a little overkill for a project this small, but it is definitely something I’d want for a larger codebase.

For a larger project, I’d also have the networking done in such a way as to abstract away Alamofire (and the network code would also go in a seperate library).

References and Third Party Libraries

For extra libraries, I’ve only added Alamofire via Xcode’s built in package manager.

Here is a brief list of references I consulted while working on the project:

Known Issues

A few issues I’d like to to highlight:

  1. Error messages are not specific to the type of Error

  2. I’ve done no localization, testing with smaller screens, accessibility etc…

  3. I decided against using / displaying cloud information (as well as a few other data points) strictly in the interest of time


This was a super fun test to knock out; I greatly enjoyed looking at the raw data from various airports I frequent (KORL, KRQB).

I also wanted to say that the JSON object returned from the endpoint seemed really well designed, so I wanted to give a shout out to whoever had a hand in that.

PS. While running the project, I recommend trying the Swipe to delete feature on the list of Airports.


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