ASB Coding Exercise


A project that uses SwiftUI and swift 5.5, MVVM for software architecture.

New swift(swift 5.5) features used

  • Async/await
  • Actors(@MainActor)


  • Xcode 13.2
  • iOS 15 and later
  • SwiftUI 3
  • Swift 5.5

Project overview

  • Create a simple application that will fetch a list of transactions from an api endpoint and display them in a list. When a user selects a transaction they will be shown a second screen that will display a more detailed view of the transaction data.


What you can find in this project

Home screen :

  • Transactions sorted by date.

Second screen :

  • Summary
  • Debit
  • Credit
  • Transaction Date

Unit test : covered view-model

  • functional testing covered

– Automation UI testing – Non

Project Folder structure


Copyright [email protected], Licensed under the MIT license.


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