Apple brought us a very shiny feature async. And URLSession supported it at once. But you can’t use downloadTask with async. So this package can help you deal with this kind of problem.

Without Progress

let (url, response) = try await AsyncURLSession.shared.url(from: .init(string: "")!)

In this case AsyncURLSession will provide you a system url which is the downloaded file path.

With Progress

let (progress, response) = try await .init(string: "")!, location: url)
let all = response.expectedContentLength

for try await current in progress {
    let progress = Double(current) / Double(all)

    print(Int(progress * 100), "%")

In this case, you need to provide a url where you file will be donwloaded to.


  1. Both support URL and URLRequest
  2. You can create your custom AsyncURLSession
  3. Can use on Linux (not be tested, but I suppose to)


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