This small project shows how to embed links to your own SwiftUI project. You can use this package directly and with just a few lines of code you can achieve the same effect just like Twitter.

System Requirements

  • Xcode 14.0+
  • iOS & iPadOS 15.0+

Understand A LinkPreviewView

A LinkPreviewView will display metadata from a specific URL, the metadata is shown below:

<meta property="og:title" content="Large, creative AI models will transform lives and labour markets">
<meta property="og:image" content="">
<meta property="og:description" content="They bring enormous promise and peril. In the first of three special articles we explain how they work">

The above content (title, image, description) will be parsed and shown just as the picture shows above.

There is also a property called publisher in a LinkPreviewView. I defined the publisher to be the main link for example the publisher of a link will be and the publisher of a link will be

Noted that if a web page does not contain the metadata above then the publisher will be the only element to be shown inside a LinkPreviewView.

How to Use

Since this project is now not a Swift package, you coud just drag the LinkPreviewView.swift , LinkDataFetcher.swift and do not forget the color defined inside the ColorExtension.swift and Assets to your project.

Define A LinkDataFetcher Object

First, you have to define a LinkDataFetcher object just shows in the following way:

ldf = LinkDataFetcher(
  link: ""

A LinkDataFetcher object receives only a link string.

Embed LinkPreviewView to Your Project

Then you can embed a LinkPreviewView to your project:

LinkPreviewView(linkDataFetcher: ldf, tapAction: tapAction(link:publisher:linkTitle:linkDescription:linkImage:))

tapAction decides what action should be implemented when someone tap the link view. You can also write in the following way:

LinkPreviewView(linkDataFetcher: ldf) { link, publisher, linkTitle, linkDescription, linkImage in
	if let linkDescription {

Last But Not Least

Noted that the link preview here only support displaying images not videos. You can make contributions too.


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