Duplicator is a Safari Extension for iOS and iPadOS that makes duplicating tabs much easier!

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Privacy Policy  ?

Duplicator does not collect and/or transmit any data period. Duplicator locally saves (on your device) whether or not you’ve made a tip in User Defaults.*  That is the only information handled and saved.

Questions  ?

How does it work?

Checkout background.jstabs.duplicate() takes in the tab id of the active tab and duplicates it.

Why open source?

Following in the footsteps of Amplosion, I decided to show the source of this app so that people could see for themselves that nothing suspicious was going on. Not all parts of the app are included to prevent against people reuploading this app to the App Store with their name on it and the same icon.

Is Duplicator built from this source?

It isn’t. This is an older version of the source. The source uploaded to the App Store includes StoreKit details, app icons, and other information I didn’t want public.

I have feedback!

If you’ve found a bug or have a feature request please create a new issue and I’ll get right on it!

License  ?

This software uses the No License license. TLDR: You’re not allowed to reupload this software, distribute, or sell it in anyway.

This code is shown for users of the app to have confidence that their data is not being collected and distributed. It is not here to be copied and reuploaded.

* This part of the source is not included in this repository.


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