Localizable.strings files generator

When we want to internationalize our project always is a headache to maintain the Localizable.strings files.

This scripts allows you to download and parse a spreadsheet document form Google Drive


Just download the latest binary version and include at the Internazionalization folder that you have your Localizable.strings.

SpreadSheet format

To make the script works we need to definite the spreadsheet with the following format:

The first row need to have those keys

  • First colum IdentifieriOS
  • Second colum IdentifierAndroid
  • Next colums country code downcased

You can add all the languages that you need on the next colums. Just remember to follow this format ?

Make it works

I recomend to create an aggregate target to your project called Autogenerate and add a New run script phase to the build phases.

Copy this to the script, add your parameters and build

"$SRCROOT"/<script path> <spreadsheet URL>

⚠️ Remember that the spreadsheet’s link need to be public.

Futures updates

  • Android support


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