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#1: MarkdownEditor – like TextEdit, Pages, Numbers apps.

  • This is a document-based app/ purely macOS application.
  • The app allows users to: write formatted text quickly and easily.And it can be converted into HTML for displaying but is much more convenient to write and edit, with: The HTML preview, a toolbar, menus, and allow app to use either “.md/ .markdown/ .mdown” for the file extensions.
  • Currently, the application supports 2 languages: English and Vietnamese.
  • The HTML preview and a Settings window for the ability to change the editor font size:

  • A Cheatsheet menu item within an Help existing menu:

  • A completely new menu – StyleSheet for change to a different stylesheet:

  • A Toolbar: controls to switch between three preview models: web, HTML, off – hidden.

  • Expecially, on macOS 12 or above, using AttributedString that could be formatted using Markdown and make the text inside Text views selectable.



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