OnboardingKit is a set of free to use templates you can throw into your apps to help you skip a couple steps on your journey to best-in-class.

They’re a companion to our Figma File which contains the design for each of our flows.


Each template is provided as a small Swift package. They depend on DesignHelpKit, so you’ll need to pull both into your project if you wish to use them.

A description of each package’s architecture can be found inside the readme for the individual package.


Templates will be added over time, and represent our take on one of the designs. They’re all designed for iPhone, and will require tweaks for the iPad.

If youre going to drop one in, be sure to go through and switch out the placeholder copy, and you’ll be good to go.



A stunning welcome flow that leans heavily on clean, simple illustrations. It skips all the boring stuff and gets right to collecting the phone number, performing verification, and getting them into the product. If your product speaks for itself, this is for you.


Contribution from the community is welcomed and encouraged. If you see something you’d like to improve, or optimise, please fork the repo and open a PR ?


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