A simple and intuitive slider with image, Lottie or gradation.

Sample Code

Image Type

var imageSlider = MWSlider()
imageSlider.setTitle(title: "image Slider")
imageSlider.setImage(src: imageUrlString or imageNameString)
imageSlider.maximumValue = 100
imageSlider.value = 50

Lottie Type

var lottieSlider = MWSlider()
lottieSlider.setTitle(title: "lottie Slider")
lottieSlider.setLottieImage(src: lottieUrlString or lottieNameString)
lottieSlider.maximumValue = 500
lottieSlider.value = 350

Gradation Type

var gradationSlider = MWSlider()
gradationSlider.setTitle(title: "gradation Slider")
gradationSlider.setGradient(colors: [UIColor(hex: 0x38D790).cgColor, UIColor(hex: 0x4A79F1).cgColor])
gradationSlider.maximumValue = 10
gradationSlider.value = 7

If you need more code, see DemoViewController

Customizable properties

class MWSlider: UISlider {
  var height: CGFloat = 56
  var cornerRadius: CGFloat = 12
  var borderWidth: CGFloat = 1.0
  var borderColor = UIColor.init(white: 1.0, alpha: 0.1).cgColor

, UISlider’s properties.

If you want to make more properties or customize somethings, do fork or copy the code, and change everything. It’s OK.

used sample Lottie file :


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