APIManagerAsyncAwait. A simple API manager written with ASYNC AWAIT.


simply drag and drop Manager folder inside your app, Thats it. Example: From your view controller (OR a place where services can be called), call service as below

func callService(_ sender: Any) {
       Task {
           do {
               let service = APIService<Product>() // Product Model confirms 'Codable'.
               service.headers = // some header to be passed here if required
               service.bodyParameters = // request body to be passed here if required
               let product = try await service.callService(
                   with: "https://dummyjson.com/products/1",  // Your desired url
                   serviceMethod: .get // your HTTP method here
           } catch let error {

Enable/Disable Error logs in Release mode

There is Struct named as ‘AppUtil’ which can be used to hide/show logs in Release/Debug mode. To enable this feature Open your Xcode settings and search for ‘Other Swift flag’ Under debug add a key a -D DEBUG entry as image below

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 16 32 41


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