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Weekface is a simple app that has allowed me to practice various aspects of iOS development. Although its functionality is limited, it has been a valuable learning resource in areas such as:

  • UIKit Constraints: Despite challenges, I’ve managed to make the interface display well on any iOS device, although not in landscape format.
  • Animations and Haptic Feedback: I’ve experimented with different animations and implemented haptic feedback in the app.
  • Interface Element Customization: I’ve created custom components by overriding some system classes to give certain interface elements rounded edges.
  • Touch Interaction: The central image responds to touches as if it were a button, providing an interactive user experience.

In addition, I’ve designed the graphics for both the animations and the background. I used simple images for the animations and vector graphics for the background.

Current Status and Future Improvements

The Weekface app is already available in my GitHub portfolio. However, I still need to refactor the code and make it work in landscape mode.


If you’d like to contribute ideas, report issues, or suggest improvements, feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request. Your collaboration is welcome.


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