A simple app to hit the NY Times Most Popular Articles API and:

  • Show a list of articles newest first(sorted based on date)
  • Shows details when items on the list are tapped.

We’ll be using the most viewed section of this API.{section}/{period}.json?apikey= sample-key To test this API,
For testAPI we used

  • all-sections for the section path component in the URL
  • 7 for period
  • we can update periods using enum Periods

Tools And Resources Used

  • Package – Swift Package Manager, or SPM, lets you manage your project dependencies, allowing you to import libraries into your applications with ease.


  • Installation by cloning the repository
  • Go to directory
  • use command + B or Product -> Build to build the project
  • Press run icon in Xcode or command + R to run the project on Simulator

Running The Tests Manually

Follow the steps to get test case reports:

  • Enable coverage Data under test schema section:
  • Select the Test Icon by pressing and holding Xcode Run Icon OR press Command+Control+U
  • In the Project Navigator under Test Navigator tab, check test status and coverage


This project uses MVVM design pattern and project is fully developed in SwiftUI.


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