A simple application that implements a pure VIPER architectural pattern.

VIPER offers an alternative to this scenario and can be used in conjunction with SwiftUI and Combine to help build apps with a clean architecture that effectively separates the different functions and responsibilities required, such as the user interface, business logic, data storage and networking.

Scructure of the VIPER:

Each of the letters in VIPER stand for a component of the architecture: View, Interactor, Presenter, Entity and Router.

  • The View is the user interface. This corresponds to a SwiftUI View.
  • The Interactor is a class that mediates between the presenter and the data. It takes direction from the presenter.
  • The Presenter is the “traffic cop” of the architecture, directing data between the view and interactor, taking user actions and calling to router to move the user between views.
  • An Entity represents application data.
  • The Router handles navigation between screens.


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