ChatUI - Sample app

A simple chat app UI in SwiftUI

ChatUI is a simple project created to implement some of the things i learned in SwiftUI. Currently i'm learning SwiftUI so i thought of converting my learnings into small projects.

ChatUI is just a UI design of a chat app with some hardcoded data. So this small project might help others to learn a little about designing in SwiftUI.

This sample project contains chats, calls, contacts and settings screens. will list out below what all i have used in this project:

Basic View

Text, TextField, Image, Button


HStack, VStack, ZStack


ScrollView, ForEach

Architectural Views

NavigationView, TabView

State and Data Flow

Binding, State

Some of the other things you can learn from this project is:

  • How to setup lauch screen background color in info.plist
  • How to set background color of a screen using ZStack
  • How to implement different layouts using HStack & VStack
  • How to set different colors for light and dark mode


Shezad Ahamed