A very simple Font Picker for macOS

Why use this?

I needed a simple way to allow users to pick a font in one of my apps, and found that the stock NSFontPicker can be a bit dense for the user to navigate, and the APIs aren’t documented very well. If all you really need is a simple way to pick an installed font, this control should hopefully do the trick.


  • Add the FontPopUp package to your project through Swift Package Manager
  • If you’re using UIKit, use the FontPopUpButton class
  • If you’re using SwiftUI, use the FontPicker class

Filtering the font list

  • You can restrict the fonts that appear on the list using an NSFontTraitMask.
    • If you’re using UIKit, set the fontTraitsFilter property on FontPopUpButton
    • If you’re using SwiftUI, set the traitsFilter argument when initalizing FontPicker


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