A ligh-weight DI framework based on Swift Property Wrappers

? Installation

Add DI directory from this repository to your project somewhere and that’s it!

? What is included

Basically, we have SharedDependencyContainer that holds objects as singletons for specific keys or types. If you want to create a custom container, you can implement DependencyContainer protocol into your class, and configure your container with dependencies.

For getting dependencies from containers there is a Injected property wrapper. Also it allows getting dependencies from custom containers.

? How to use

First, you need to register dependencies in container. Usually, it is performed in AppDelegate, but not required to do it so.

// Definition

let someRepository = SomeRepository()

let currentUserId = "1"

// Registration

SharedDependencyContainer.register(someRepository) // Usual registration

SharedDependencyContainer.register(currentUserId, for: "user_id") // Registration for specific identifier 

? It’s allowed to register more than one object of the same type, but you have to specify the unique identifier for each object and get them by it.

Then to get the dependency in your abstraction, simply define the variable with @Injected property wrapper:

class SomeViewModel {

    private var someRepository: SomeRepository

    @Injected(identifier: "user_id") 
    private var userId: String

    // Use it as usual

    func printUserId() {

If you need to get the dependency from the specific container, you can define it explicitly:

@Injected(container: CustomContainer.self) 
private var anotherRepository: AnotherRepository


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