YouTube on CarPlay, no jailbreak required!


  • A full-feature app for YouTube – browse, search, watch videos and more in the car!
  • Works on any device supporting TrollStore, no jailbreak required
  • No ads
  • Skip sponsored segments with SponsorBlock
  • System integrations:
    • “Play on CarPlay” share extension
    • Instant paste of any copied YouTube URLs
    • If you were watching something on the YouTube app and then get in the car, it’ll pop up on CarTube

Known Issues

  • Videos where the uploader has disabled embedding unfortunately will not work
  • Shorts can be a bit finnicky
  • Sometimes autoplay may not work, just hit the play button if you get a black screen
  • “Play on CarPlay” share extension works everywhere except the YT app
    • Oh well, YT share menu sucks anyway, it’s faster to copy the link
  • Possible issues from activating Siri inside the app, nothing major, just may break the screen persistence helper



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