Swift5 SwiftNIO2 SwiftUI iOS macOS

A simple Internet Relay Chat client implemented using SwiftNIO and SwiftUI.

Inspired by:

For maximum NIO someone (I’m tempted) should adopt NIO to work on top of swift-nio-irc-client … Twitter

Unfortunately NIO – the promising Matrix chat client – is too tightly coupled to Matrix SDK, so I’ve redone a very basic UI.

This is by no means “done”, it is a demo on how to use SwiftNIO within a SwiftUI application. Pull requests are very welcome.

The program is part of the “Swift NIO IRC” family of packages, which includes:


macOS also works, kinda. Not really. But it builds ?



  • tons of bugs
  • actually add, delete and edit accounts ?
  • keychain password storage
  • combining bubbles
  • better IRC support
  • state restoration (I tried, but NavigationLinks just don’t work right)
  • listing available channels in subscribe
  • leave button


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