An iOS app for “cashless payments” in board games such as Monopoly. The app allows players to avoid using toy money, which is often printed on ordinary cheap paper not meant to be used as real cash. Such money is usually inconvenient to handle, and often takes up a lot of space on the table.

For users

The scenario of use assumes that players mutually uses this app on the iPad on a table and/or broadcasts on the large TV screen from the iPhone.



For developers

The app is created as a pet project, mainly to enhance my developer skills. All elements of the interface are made with code, WITHOUT usage of Storyboard. I did my best to code as clear as possible, all methods and instances are documented, please feel free to use any part of this code to any of your projects.


  • Available on iPhone / iPad both
  • Up to 6 players (in addition to the bank)
  • Gesture transfers between players and / or bank
  • Changing / adding / removing players during the game


  • Download folder
  • Open in Xcode
  • Run on a simulator or on your device

Limitations of current version

  • Only available in single player mode
  • Game is not saving
  • Negative player’s balances are highlighted in red, but not proceed anyhow (players can overdraft)

Expected in further updates

  • Games save and load feature
  • Multiplayer
  • Transitions animation
  • Sounds
  • UI redesign



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