App Description

This is a simple iOS app for Georgia Tech Dining Rating.

App Walk-though

Required Features

  • 1. App displays an image of a school’s logo
  • 2. App has three textfields for first, last, and school names
  • 3. App has a segmented control that changes student year
  • 4. Number of pet matches label is increased/decreased by stepper
  • 5. Switch makes a statement about wanting more pets or not(true/false)
  • 6. Introduce yourself button shows alert box with an introduciton and dismiss button

Required Features

  • 1. User can tap a button to change the color of the background view
  • 2. User can select on additional buttons that provide more info about the user. Example: more textfields, a different alert box, etc.
  • 3. Any stylistic changes that are not default options:
    • Made it a dining rating app instead of introducing self app.
    • Added UITextView for multi-line text comment.
    • Added title: GT Dining Rating, and set it in golden color.
    • Implemented comment in the alert box.


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