PitchPerfect App

A simple iOS app for the Udacity Nanodegree which explores AVFoundation to record a short sound and then play it back in a variety of ways.

Using storyboard + stackviews for layout.


The app contains two scenes of content: one for recording an audio file, and one for playing the audio with different effects.

All UI elements (buttons and text) are appropriately formatted for iPhone and iPad Portrait and Landscape layouts.

The app uses IBAction methods to record audio and playback sounds.

Labels and buttons are shown or hidden as appropriate.

The first scene of the app uses AVAudioRecorder to record audio.

The app uses the audioRecorderDidFinishRecording() method to determine when the audio has finished recording.

The app programmatically triggers a segue from the first scene to the second.

The app allows users to re-record audio after a recording is complete.

All sound effects are present and play properly.

Code is effectively abstracted.

Code follows appropriate style.

Code is readable by others.




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