AnimalSound App for Kids


AnimalSound is an engaging iOS app designed specifically for children, created using SwiftUI and AVFoundation. This interactive platform offers children an educational yet entertaining experience by exposing them to various animal names and their respective sounds. Children can click on the name of an animal to hear its sound, and there’s also a search function that makes it easy to find specific animals.


  • A comprehensive list of animals with their names, sounds, and images.
  • Capability to search among different animals.
  • Audio play and stop functionality for each animal’s sound.
  • User-friendly and child-safe interface designed for an enjoyable experience.

Technologies Used

  • SwiftUI: For the user interface.
  • AVFoundation: For audio playback.

For Children

This app aims to be both fun and educational for children, providing a safe and interactive way to learn about animals and their sounds. It’s a great tool for parents who wish to offer their kids a combination of education and entertainment right at their fingertips!

Feel free to explore and have fun with AnimalSound

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