SwiftGPTPlus is a framework that allows you to easily integrate the OpenAI GPT-3.5 Turbo model, GPT-4 Model with ‘Text To Voice’ Feature into your Swift applications for natural language processing tasks.



  • Seamless integration with OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo model.
  • Easy-to-use Swift API for text generation and processing.
  • Customizable parameters for generating text.
  • Text to voice feature (With 30 accents)


? Getting Started with SwiftGPTPlus ?

Integrating SwiftGPTPlus into your project is a breeze! Follow these simple steps:

? Drag and Drop Framework: Add the SwiftGPTPlus.framework to your Xcode project by simply dragging and dropping it. ? Embed & Sign: Ensure seamless integration by setting the Embed option to ‘Embed & Sign’ for SwiftGPTPlus.framework. That’s it! You’re now ready to tap into the power of SwiftGPTPlus for all your natural language processing needs. Happy coding! ???


To get started with SwiftGPTPlus, follow these simple steps:

import SwiftGPTPPlus

Set your ViewController/Class as delegate, as shown below:

class ViewController: UIViewController, SwiftGPTPlusDelegate

Next, create an instance for GPTController

gptPlus = GPTController(gptAuthKey: "<YOUR_OPEN_AI_AUTH_KEY>",gptOrgKey: "<OPTIONAL YOUR_OPEN_AI_ORG_ID>", gptModel: "<GPT Model gpt3.5-turbo is default>")

Enable TTS

var isSet = gptPlus?.enableSpeech(voice: Voice.Flo,speed: 0.6) // Check available values from Voice enum. If isSet is false, reasons may be voice not available on device, or you sent wrong value for speed (0 to 1)
        //  If you  want to disable speech
        //  gptPlus?.disableSpeech()

Set role for GPT:

gptPlus?.setGPTRole(role: "You are a maths professor!") // Set role for chatGPT

To send message to ChatGPT, use askAI() function (Call this function in background thread, not on main thread)

gptPlus?.askAI(message: message)

You will get response in delegate functions func didReceiveValidationError(error: String) – If open ai auth key is missing. func didReceiveError(error: Error) – Error from OpenAI

func didReceiveResponse(message: SwiftGPTPPlus.GPTChatResponse) {
        print(message.choices.first!.message.content) // Response from chatGPT

GPTChatResponse Structure

public struct GPTChatResponse: Codable {
    public let id: String
    public let object: String
    public let created: Int
    public let model: String
    public let choices: [Choice]
    public let usage: Usage

public struct Choice: Codable {
    public let index: Int
    public let message: GPTMessage
    public let finish_reason: String

public struct GPTMessage: Codable {
    public let role: String
    public let content: String

public struct Usage: Codable {
    public let prompt_tokens: Int
    public let completion_tokens: Int
    public let total_tokens: Int


I welcome contributions from the community. Kindly contact me to get source code of the framework.


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