SwiftGPTPlus is a framework that allows you to easily integrate the OpenAI GPT-3.5 Turbo model, GPT-4 Model with ‘Text To Voice’ Feature into your Swift applications for natural language processing tasks.



  • Seamless integration with OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo model.
  • Easy-to-use Swift API for text generation and processing.
  • Customizable parameters for generating text.
  • Text to voice feature (With 30 accents)


🚀 Getting Started with SwiftGPTPlus 📦

Integrating SwiftGPTPlus into your project is a breeze! Follow these simple steps:

📂 Drag and Drop Framework: Add the SwiftGPTPlus.framework to your Xcode project by simply dragging and dropping it. 🚀 Embed & Sign: Ensure seamless integration by setting the Embed option to ‘Embed & Sign’ for SwiftGPTPlus.framework. That’s it! You’re now ready to tap into the power of SwiftGPTPlus for all your natural language processing needs. Happy coding! 🎉🚀💬


To get started with SwiftGPTPlus, follow these simple steps:

import SwiftGPTPPlus

Set your ViewController/Class as delegate, as shown below:

class ViewController: UIViewController, SwiftGPTPlusDelegate

Next, create an instance for GPTController

gptPlus = GPTController(gptAuthKey: "<YOUR_OPEN_AI_AUTH_KEY>",gptOrgKey: "<OPTIONAL YOUR_OPEN_AI_ORG_ID>", gptModel: "<GPT Model gpt3.5-turbo is default>")

Enable TTS

var isSet = gptPlus?.enableSpeech(voice: Voice.Flo,speed: 0.6) // Check available values from Voice enum. If isSet is false, reasons may be voice not available on device, or you sent wrong value for speed (0 to 1)
        //  If you  want to disable speech
        //  gptPlus?.disableSpeech()

Set role for GPT:

gptPlus?.setGPTRole(role: "You are a maths professor!") // Set role for chatGPT

To send message to ChatGPT, use askAI() function (Call this function in background thread, not on main thread)

gptPlus?.askAI(message: message)

You will get response in delegate functions func didReceiveValidationError(error: String) – If open ai auth key is missing. func didReceiveError(error: Error) – Error from OpenAI

func didReceiveResponse(message: SwiftGPTPPlus.GPTChatResponse) {
        print(message.choices.first!.message.content) // Response from chatGPT

GPTChatResponse Structure

public struct GPTChatResponse: Codable {
    public let id: String
    public let object: String
    public let created: Int
    public let model: String
    public let choices: [Choice]
    public let usage: Usage

public struct Choice: Codable {
    public let index: Int
    public let message: GPTMessage
    public let finish_reason: String

public struct GPTMessage: Codable {
    public let role: String
    public let content: String

public struct Usage: Codable {
    public let prompt_tokens: Int
    public let completion_tokens: Int
    public let total_tokens: Int


I welcome contributions from the community. Kindly contact me to get source code of the framework.


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