News App Swift UIKIT

A simple iOS app to fetch and display news articles from the News API.


  • User Registration and Sign-in with local storage.
  • Dashboard with a search bar, breaking news, and top news sections.
  • News List Page with pagination.
  • News Detail Page to show detailed news information.
  • For sot the news there has Filter option
  • Development Flavors added


  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Open the .xcodeproj file in Xcode.
  3. Ensure you've set up the appropriate build flavor (development/production).
  4. Build and run the application.


Built with Swift using the MVVM design pattern. Utilizes UserDefaults And CoreData for local storage and makes API requests to the News API.

Open API Used:

Figma Desgin:


Please Note according to your current development Flavor, You can Change the Base URL and API keys as well, API key you can generate from the above news open API

More info guide image

Demo image


Kavindu Dissanayake