A thread safe throttle written in Swift licensed under MIT.


This throttle is intended to prevent the program from crashing with too many requests or is used for saving computer resources.

Swift Throttle is not designed for operations that require high time accuracy


I need a throttle that executes my code at most once per second, in the main thread.

let throttle = Throttle(minimumDelay: 1)
throttle.throttle { 
    print("it's default to main thread")

I need a throttle that executes my code at most once per hour, in some background thread.

let throttle = Throttle(minimumDelay: 3600, queue: .global())
throttle.throttle { 
    print("will async to global thread")


  • The first execution is released immediately and the timestamp is recorded as 0.
  • Subsequent executions will enter the throttling control valve and will be cancelled if the execution interval is too short.
  • The last execution, if cancelled, will be reprogrammed to execute immediately after the time reaches the required interval.