Tasks is simple ToDo app developed using SwiftUI and Coredata which having features like Add,Delete,Rearrange and send notification based on data and time provided for each tasks.This is a basic app that lets you create a list of todos with specific date and time by user, mark the todos complete and then delete them.It will also send local notification based on the user preference of each tasks.

This project was made for fun to try out Swift UI and see how it interacts with other layers of the application now that we don’t have view controllers. We’re all still learning. This project is merely my attempt to put something together based on the ideas put accross in WWDC videos and in the documentation.


Task app will currently run from iOS 13. This app is updated for Xcode 11+. I’ll be updating the code for upcoming versions also.


This task app having design issues and I’m still adding features , updating and fixing bugs whenever I came across.

More Updates

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