A simple word scramble game. Project 5 days 29,30,31 of 100 Days of swiftUI.

This project focused on the manipulation of strings using swift. It seems like swift is still treating strings as char* arrays under the hood, or perhaps as a unicode array as it can use emoji in strings as well. There is string looping, spell checking and some simple UI work.

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If you are looking for advice on the challenges, please read through the code and use what you find, just keep on learning!


  1. Word games are fun and expanding this into a real game would be fun.
  2. I do not know what dictionary xcode is defaulting to for spell checking, so it would probably be good to replace the default dictionary with one I can define.
  3. Create a method to find all of the possible words that can be pulled out of the base word and list how many more the player has not found yet. Research what is an optimal way to do this search and sort, tries might be reasonable.


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