This repository contains a Swift app developed in Hackatruck MakerSpace, the app is focused on the children’s audience, containing fun questions so that children can learn about various topics in a gamified way.


  • Geography Quiz: Test your knowledge of world geography with a wide range of questions covering continents, countries, capitals, landmarks, and more.
  • Math Quiz: Challenge yourself with various math problems, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and logic puzzles.
  • Text Quiz: Enhance your language skills by answering questions related to grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and literary devices.
  • Theme Changer: Change your theme based on the amount of points you got doing quizzes, gamefying the app and giving the user a incentive to play more and earn rewards.


App Screenshot 1 App Screenshot 2

Thanks to my team

  • André de Oliveira Brandão
  • David Dias Pinto
  • Leonardo Henrique S. de Avelar
  • Pedro Malta Boscatti


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