This Swift Macro provides an easy way to make the use of SF Symbols in Swift more or less “type-safe”.



  1. Click File > Add Package Dependencies
  2. Paste the following link into the search field on the upper-right:

Swift Package Manager

In Package.swift:

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/lukepistrol/SFSymbolsMacro.git", from: "0.1.0")

And then add the dependency to your targets.


Simply create an enum which will hold all the SF Symbols for your project:

enum Symbols: String {
    case circle
    case circleFill = "circle.fill"
    case shareIcon = "square.and.arrow.up"

Then simply import SFSymbolsMacro and add the @SFSymbol macro annotation to the enum:

import SFSymbolsMacro
import SwiftUI

enum Symbols: String { ... }

The macro will then validate each case and add the expanded macro will look something like this:

enum Symbols: String {
    case circle
    case circleFill = "circle.fill"
    case shareIcon = "square.and.arrow.up"

    var image: Image {
        Image(systemName: self.rawValue)
    var name: String {
    #if canImport(UIKit)
    func uiImage(configuration: UIImage.Configuration? = nil) -> UIImage {
        UIImage(systemName: self.rawValue, withConfiguration: configuration)!
    func nsImage(accessibilityDescription: String? = nil) -> NSImage {
        return NSImage(systemSymbolName: self.rawValue, accessibilityDescription: accessibilityDescription)!

In your code you can then call a symbol:

var body: some View {
    VStack {
        Text("Hello, World!)

In case the provided raw value is not a valid SF Symbol, Xcode will show a compile error at the enum-case in question:

explicit raw value

inferred raw value


If you have any ideas on how to take this further I’m happy to discuss things in an issue.


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