A Swift package for displaying an app review score.


Add a ShapeProgressView in your view code and pass in your app's ID. The view will automatically fetch your app's rating when the view appears.

var body: some View {
    VStack {
        ShapeProgressView(appId: "12345678")

The default behavior is to display the rating as a number, the rating as a set of stars, and a text line with the count of total reviews the rating is based on. When initalizing ShapeProgressView you can modify this behavior by setting the optional property layout. Options are .full, .score, and .graphical.

ShapeProgressView(layout: .full)







Showing/Hiding the text view

You can choose to hide the rating count text by passing an optional property.

ShapeProgressView(appId: "12345678", showReviewCount: false)

Changing colors

You can pass a Color to the color property to modify the tint used for the stars. This is only visible in the .graphical and .full layout modes.

ShapeProgressView(appId: "12345678", color:

If you have any questions reach out on Twitter @OrdinaryInds