This package allows for developers to create simple and effective forms.

Current Available Fields:

  • Text Field Entry
  • Toggle Button

Getting Started:

Your presenting view controller should conform to FormViewControllerDelegate

extension ViewController: FormViewControllerDelegate {

When you would like to show your user a form view, simply create an array of fields you’d like to show, and call the presentFormViewController method in the EasyFormsPackage Class like below…

let usernameFormField = FormField(fieldTitle: "Username", fieldID: "0", fieldType: .textEntry)
let passwordFormField = FormField(fieldTitle: "Password", fieldID: "1", fieldType: .textEntry)
let rememberMeFormField = FormField(fieldTitle: "Password", fieldID: "2", fieldType: .toggleButton)
EasyFormsPackage.presentFormViewController(parentViewController: self, fields: [usernameFormField, passwordFormField, rememberMeFormField])

The user will be presented with a form view and when they submit, the results can be validated by a method in FormViewControllerDelegate as shown below. Then the user is either shown an error message, or the form is dismissed.

extension ViewController: FormViewControllerDelegate {
    func didSubmit(fields: [FormField], validateFieldEntries: (Bool, String?) -> ()) {
        let usernameResponse = fields[0].textResponse
        let passwordResponse = fields[1].textResponse
        let rememberMeResponse = fields[2].toggleReponse
        guard usernameResponse != nil &&
                passwordResponse != nil else {
            validateFieldEntries(false, "Please fill in both fields.")
        if rememberMeResponse == true {
            // Do something with this
        validateFieldEntries(true, nil)
    func didCancel() {
        print("FORM CANCELED")



Anyone is welcome to open an issue or add to this project! Feel free to message me or just cut a branch and start working ?


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