SMHS Schedule

SMHS Schedule is the one-stop experience for Santa Margarita Catholic High School's students, much better than the official SMHS app. Made by a SMHS student, for SMHS students, SMHS Schedule aims to deliver a beautiful and native app experience.


SMHS Schedule looks equally gorgeous on your iPhone and iPad.

? Build

This repo is an Xcode Project that contains the SMHS Schedule cross platform app for iOS and macOS. To get things running:


  1. A Mac running macOS Catalina 10.15.4 or later
  2. Xcode 12.1 or later


  1. Clone or fork the repo
  1. Open the SMHSSchedule.xcodeproj file to load project
  2. On the upper left corner, select approriate scheme for iOS or macOS
  3. Swift Package Manager should automatically install all dependencies, and you can now build or run the app!
    To learn more about SPM, click here

✨ Features

InClass™ Countdown

The InClass™ countdown features a live countdown and a progress ring that displays time left for the current period. Easily visualize the time left in class and get on top of your schedule.


SMHS Schedule, Effortlessly.

The Schedule tab makes it effortlessly easy to view all your class schedules. For all future dates. Browse through all the schedule dates in a beautiful list, and tap on any date to glance the detailed schedule for that day.


School News, Stay Updated.

Stay updated on the newest campus news stories, all on your fingertips. SMHS Schedule provides a supercharged in-app school news reading experience, with gorgeous photos and graphics, and iOS native reader view.


Made by SMHS Student, For SMHS Students.

This is a project of Jevon Mao, a class of 2024 student at SMHS. SMHS Schedule is built ground-up from a students' perspective, and will undergo constant update bringing new features.