A SwiftUI library which provides a passcode field.


  1. Digit length is customizable;
  2. Digit box style is customizable;
  3. Support for hide/unhide digits;
  4. Available on iOS, tvOS and macOS.

Core Ideas

To provide the system input keyboard to user when they interacting the PasscodeField, we use a system text field as the receiver while making it visually invisible. When user is about to input digits, we first make the text field as the first responder. At this time, the system keyboard will show. Then we listen to the input event, when any input arrives, we validate the input and then update the state of the PasscodeField (e.g., set a gray background on the digit box to indicate user they have added one digit). Also, we listen to the text deletion event, and update the PasscodeField correspondingly.


PasscodeField could be installed via Swift Package Manager. Open Xcode and go to File -> Add Packages…, search, and add the package as one of your project’s dependency.

In the Swift file you want to use, just import the package and then:

import PasscodeField

// ... some code ...

PasscodeField { digits, action in
    if candidatePasscodes.contains(digits.concat) {
        withAnimation {
            isPresentingPasscode = false
    } else {
        withAnimation {
            isShowingAlert = true
} label: {
    VStack(alignment: .center, spacing: 8) {
        Text("Security Number")

        Text("4 digits")
    "Wrong Passcode",
    isPresented: $isShowingAlert,
    confirmationText: "Retry",
    confirmationAction: {
        isShowingAlert = false
    cancellationText: "Quit",
    cancellationAction: {
        isShowingAlert = false



PasscodeField is licensed under MIT License.


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