A SwiftUI library to parse and render Reddit’s Snudown markdown scheme, with spoilers and table support (and all of reddit’s quirks)



  • Parse any plain text into Reddit’s Snudown and have it automatically rendered for you ✨
  • Uses a custom version of Reddit’s Snudown package, so the library automatically handles:

    • Headers
    • Tables
    • Spoilers
    • Lists
    • Quotes
    • Code blocks
    • Code highlighting with Highlightr
    • Inline images with Nuke
    • Automatic u/username and r/reddit links
    • And everything else on reddit’s page here
  • Easily customisable

How to use


This library is provided through SPM, you can add the following URL to your project dependencies:


Simply render the Snudown view somewhere in your code:

var body: some View {
  ScrollView {
    SnudownView("Hey this is some markdown!\n#I'm a header\n\n>!spoiler 

Note: It’s recommended to wrap the SnudownView in a vertical scroll view


You can customise most of the SnudownView’s display features, for example the following view modifiers are available:

  • .snudownConfig(_ config: SnudownConfig)
  • .snudownTableAvgWidth(_ width: CGFloat)
  • .snudownTextAlignment(_ alignment: Alignment)
  • .snudownMultilineAlignment(_ alignment: TextAlignment)
  • .snudownFont(for fontLevel: SnudownFontFor, _ font: Font)
  • .snudownTextColor(_ color: Color)
  • .snudownLinkColor(_ color: Color)
  • .snudownDisplayInlineImages(_ display: Bool)
  • .snudownInlineImageWidth(_ width: CGFloat)

Each of these pretty much do what they say, but some small additional built-in documentation is available on each method

Larger tables

In some cases, you may want to display tables with larger average column widths than default (The default is 150).You can provide the average column width for tables, the reason it’s an ‘average’ is because the Grid view needs a fixed width, and the width is calculated from the average column width multiplied by the number of columns. So if the average width is set to 100, and there are 5 columns, the entire width of the grid will be 500, and some columns may shrink if they can and if other columns want to take up more space.

Snudown tables are wrapped in a horizontal scrollview, so they can exceed the width of the window.

var body: some View {
  ScrollView {
    SnudownView(text: "|Column 1|Column 2|Column 3 which is 
big|\n|-|-|-|\n|text|text|Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur 
adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore 
magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco 
laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in 
reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla 
pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa 
qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.|")


Inline images

By default Snudown uses Nuke to analyse links (including plain text links) and display inline images if the link is a direct link to an image. Because of how adding inline images works, combined with keeping the package lightweight, the images are loaded and resized to a fixed size (defaults to 50 width)

You can toggle displaying inline images at all (when false the links will still be present and tappable), and the width the images will be resized to in either the SnudownConfig model or by using the separate view modifiers .snudownDisplayInlineImages(_ display: Bool) .snudownInlineImageWidth(_ width: CGFloat)

For example:

SnudownView(text: "[imageception]("


u/ and r/ links

The library uses a slightly (2 lines!) modified version of Snudown, which by default detects u/ and r/ links, the modifications allow capital U and capital R to also be detected. These are formatted as links, and direct to…. and /u/…


Because the library uses Snudown directly, we can parse spoilers as tappable views, that reveal their contents only once tapped. Spoilers are written in markdown as >!spoiler text goes here...!<

Code blocks

You can write code in markdown as either a single line surrounded by backticks (`)

or multiline, surrounded by three backticks (“`)

If you have a multiline code block, you can write the language after the top backticks like so:

code here...

The library uses Highlightr to highlight syntax, and provides a copy button to copy the text to the clipboard.


  • I wrote this library over a weekend as I wanted to parse Reddit’s flavour of markdown rather than use Swift’s implementation of cmark with spoilers and tables and such hacked into it, and I wrote it for me, so if anyone wants to contribute to enforce standards, or in any way make it better please do ?
  • This should pretty much handle everything Reddit can, there’s a little bit of manual work needed to convert the resulting html like results from snudown to SwiftUI views, so if anything is missed raise an issue or a PR
  • It does use Nuke, SwiftSoup and Highlightr, if these can be replaced/removed that would be great if anyone knows ways to replace their functionality easily
  • I originally used LiYanan2004’s MarkdownView library to handle Cmark markdown into SwiftUI views, and a lot of this library is based on recreating the look and feel, so massive credit to LiYanan for the designs of views (particularly tables)
  • The library uses ksemianov’s WrappingHStack to display text and spoilers etc next to eachother


This library is provided under MIT license


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