SwiftUIMaterialTabs is a SwiftUI library that combines Material 3-style tabs and sticky headers into a single package. It offers support for both Primary and Secondary tab styles, along with the flexibility to create custom tabs. Additionally, the library provides various sticky header effects such as fade, shrink, and parallax, or allows developers to create their own unique effects. Even if tabs are not needed, the library's sticky headers function independently, making it a versatile solution for implementing interactive headers in SwiftUI apps.




Material 3-Style Tabs: Supports both Primary and Secondary tab styles, along with the ability to customize tabs according to specific design requirements.

Sticky Header Effects: Offers various sticky header effects including fade, shrink, and parallax, enhancing the visual appeal and interactivity of headers within SwiftUI apps.

Flexibility and Customization: Developers can easily apply pre-defined sticky header effects or create their own unique effects to suit the app's design and user experience needs.


SwiftUIMaterialTabs is distributed under the MIT license, providing developers with the freedom to use and modify the library in their projects while adhering to open-source principles.

Target Audience:

SwiftUI developers seeking a comprehensive solution for implementing Material 3-style tabs and sticky headers in their iOS apps.

Users looking for a versatile and customizable library to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of headers in SwiftUI-based user interfaces.

Note: SwiftUIMaterialTabs simplifies the implementation of Material 3-style tabs and sticky headers in SwiftUI apps, offering a wide range of customization options and effects to create engaging user experiences.