This app is a SwiftUI sample app for flight ticket browser. Even if the barcode and QR code are generated, it seems that they cannot be displayed on the SwiftUI, so a fixed image is displayed. => Fixed QRCode and Barcode Generation. (June 22, 2022) User can adjust the brightness of the screen by tapping the QR code. Flight information is fiction.

Sample GIF and Images


Ticket List

Light Dark
IMG_0117 IMG_0118

Ticket Detail

Light Dark
IMG_0119 IMG_0120

Boarding Pass

Light Dark
IMG_0121 IMG_0122


<iOS>-<iOS 15.0 and later> <Xcode>-<Xcode 13.0> <SwiftUI>-<SwiftUI 3>

Point of implementation

  • How to use Path
    • Cut off of leading and trailing edge
    • Dash Line
    • QRCode and Barcode generation




Please feel free to contact us if you find a bug or have any feedback. Suggestions for adding functions and code corrections are also welcome.

let name = "Takuya Aso"
let email = "milanista224" + "@" + "icloud.com"
let profession = "iOS Engineer"
let location = "Tokyo"


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