It is a three-paged to-do list mobile app for iOS that is similar to Apple’s native Reminder app. It has two screens. The first one is the list screen includes to-dos with their description, date, and time. Each todo can be deleted by swiping left and each to-do has a check button to make it completed. By tapping the plus(create) button, the create to-do screen opens. Users can define a description, date, and time on the to-do. A create button provides saving the to-do and it will be seen in the list on the list screen. In case the user taps on one of the to-dos’s info button, the detail page shows, and the user can edit the to-do.


Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM)

Language / Framework

Swift with UIKit


  • MVVM
  • UIKit
  • Codable
  • UserDefaults
  • SnapKit
  • Programmatically design
  • Swift Package Manager
  • UITableView
  • UIDatePicker

Usage Exapmle


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