A CLI tool to restore iOS devices on the version they’re already on, inspired by the original Succession GUI Application, rewritten from the ground up in Swift.

Welcome to SuccessorCLI! Build: 1.0.0 WORKING-BETA
Device iOS Version: 14.5
Device Machine Name: iPhone10,4
Device iOS BuildID: 18E199
URL of iPSW to download:
Size of iPSW to download in bytes: 5060151546
Size of iPSW to download, formatted: 5.06 GB
Found RFS.dmg, proceeding to use it.
Disk name to mount: /dev/disk7s1s1
Proceeding to (try) to mount..
Verifying if mount was successful..
One of the directory exists, assuming that mount was successful!
Successfully mounted to /var/mnt/successor/
You have 15 seconds to cancel the restore before it starts, to cancel, simply press ctrl c.


You must have Theos for this, and if you’re not on macOS, you must’ve installed the swift toolchain for theos before aswell.
To generate a deb, run the following:

git clone
cd SuccessorCLI
make package


to run in terminal, run sudo successorcli in a terminal on an iOS Device, if no options are provided, then the app will do the following:

  1. Download target iPSW
  2. Unzip the target iPSW
  3. Get the rootfs DMG
  4. Attach the rootfs DMG
  5. Mount it
  6. Actually restore the device using rsync


The follwing options can be used with SuccessorCLI:

            Usage: successorcli <option>
                 -h, --help     Prints this help message
                --no-restore    Download and extract iPSW, rename the rootfilesystem DMG to rfs.dmg, then attach and mount rfs.dmg, but won't execute the restore itself.
                --no-attach    Download and extract iPSW, rename the rootfilesystem DMG to rfs.dmg, then exit.
                --unmount      If /var/mnt/successor is mounted, then this will unmount it.
                --no-wait      Removes the 15 seconds given for the user to cancel the restore before it starts

Project Status

The program does work right now, it downloads the iPSW, unzip it, get the rootfs DMG, attach and mount the rootFS DMG, then executes the restore with rsync and lastly calls SBDataReset (Mobile Obliterator), I’m just polishing the project up right now.

Note that this project is currently in beta, im not responsible for what happens to you and your device, blah blah you know the bullshit

Known issues/things to improve:

  1. Rsync output is so spammy, it probably crashes NewTerm 2, printing with terminator: "\r" doesnt work for rsync progress like it does for iPSW download progress
  2. The current way that the rootfs DMG is parsed is by getting the largest file in /var/mobile/Media/SuccessorCLI/extracted, which while yes, does work, is bad practice, a better way to parse the Rootfs DMG would be to parse it from the BuildManifest.plist


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