xcdiff is an extensible tool that finds differences between your .xcodeproj project files. It can be thought of as git diff for your .xcodeproj files, can be used directly from the command line as well as a library supporting your own set of tools.

How to use xcdiff

Running the command xcdiff in your project directory will search for two .xcodeproj files in this directory and use all of xcdiff's comparators on the projects (e.g. targets, sources and headers).

You can also specify two particular projects for xcdiff to compare.

xcdiff -p1 OriginalProject.xcodeproj -p2 GeneratedProject.xcodeproj

Here is an example output:


To see a detailed report of differences you can specify the --verbose (-v) option.

xcdiff -p1 OriginalProject.xcodeproj -p2 GeneratedProject.xcodeproj -v



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