Crash reporting UI tests with simple SwiftUI layout and Trace SPM integration.







This app have a very simple SwiftUI MVVM architecture.

Each views have its own view model which consist of running a simple GraphQL query to fetch the necassary data. Once the data is set in the @Published property of the view model, the data will be displayed in the view. While it's fetching the data, it'll use the powerful SwiftUI .redacted placeholder modifier to display a beautiful loading state.

All the queries are in Queries.graphql. The file API.swift is generated at the build time using the schema.json of the GraphQL API of this awesome Rick & Morty API website and the Queries.graphql file using the Apollo CLI

For now you can browse characters, episodes and locations (soon). Search is coming soon.

To not slow the build process, this project is coming with a Swift package command line tool to generate the swift code using the new Apollo Swift scripting feature. It can also download the schema from the Rick & Morty API.

It's not executed as part of the build process, if you modify the queries and wish to regenerate the API.swift file you'll need to:

cd Codegen

swift run Codegen codegen

and to download the schema

swift run Codegen download

This is all an excercice for me to play a bit with GraphQL + SwiftUI. Nothing very exciting on the UI side. The exiting part is that it's actually very little code (just the UI code + some GraphQL queries) to have the app working.