A video player on top of AVQueuePlayer with custom header, playlist items, play, pause, seek to slider, time, resize to fullscreen, forward, backward horizontal, vertical capabilities.

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  • ✅ Support Both Horizontal and Vertical Orientation.
  • ✅ Custom Header view which in configurable.
  • ✅ Custom Theme which will control your player colors, fonts etc.
  • ✅ Custom Configuration which will control player settings.
  • ✅ Can be embedded within a view or be presented in full screen.
  • ✅ option to add custom playlist with title and thumbnail.
  • ✅ Include play, pause, forward, backward, fullscreen, timer and playlist functionalities.


  • iOS 13.0
  • Swift 5.0


To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.




MBVideoPlayer is available through CocoaPods. To install
it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'MBVideoPlayer', :git => 'https://github.com/mwaqasbhati/MBVideoPlayer.git'


We can initialize it via Storyboard as well as from the code.

Using StoryBoard

First of all assign class MBVideoPlayer to UIView in Storyboard and then make an out of it.
@IBOutlet weak var videoPlayerView: MBVideoPlayerView!
then create playlist using below code.

Using Code

let playerView = MBVideoPlayerView(configuration: nil, theme: nil, header: nil)

        let playerItems = [
            PlayerItem(title: "Apple Live Broadcast WWDC.", url: "http://qthttp.apple.com.edgesuite.net/1010qwoeiuryfg/sl.m3u8", thumbnail: "1"),
            PlayerItem(title: "Driving a Cycle experience.", url: "https://content.jwplatform.com/manifests/yp34SRmf.m3u8", thumbnail: "2"),
            PlayerItem(title: "The Durian Open Movie Project.", url: "https://bitdash-a.akamaihd.net/content/sintel/hls/playlist.m3u8", thumbnail: "3"),
            PlayerItem(title: "Table Ronde.", url: "https://mnmedias.api.telequebec.tv/m3u8/29880.m3u8", thumbnail: "4"),
            PlayerItem(title: "What is this event? ... parker.", url: "https://bitdash-a.akamaihd.net/content/MI201109210084_1/m3u8s/f08e80da-bf1d-4e3d-8899-f0f6155f6efa.m3u8", thumbnail: "5")
        if let currentItem = playerItems.first {
            videoPlayerView.setPlayList(currentItem: currentItem, items: playerItems, fullScreenView: view)
        playerView.pinEdges(to: view)

Custom CallBacks

protocol MBVideoPlayerViewDelegate: class {
    var playerStateDidChange: ((MBVideoPlayerState)->())? {get set}
    var playerTimeDidChange: ((TimeInterval, TimeInterval)->())? {get set}
    var playerOrientationDidChange: ((PlayerDimension) -> ())? {get set}
    var playerDidChangeSize: ((PlayerDimension) -> ())? {get set}
    var playerCellForItem: (()->(UICollectionViewCell))? {get set}
    var playerDidSelectItem: ((IndexPath)->())? {get set}

Custom Configuration

public protocol MBConfiguration {
    var canShowVideoList: Bool { get }
    var canShowTime: Bool { get }
    var canShowPlayPause: Bool { get }
    var canShowTimeBar: Bool { get }
    var canShowFullScreenBtn: Bool { get }
    var canShowForwardBack: Bool { get }
    var canShowHeader: Bool { get }
    var canShowHeaderTitle: Bool { get }
    var canShowHeaderOption: Bool { get }
    var dimension: PlayerDimension { get }
    var seekDuration: Float64 { get }

Custom Theme

public protocol MBTheme {
    var buttonTintColor: UIColor { get }
    var headerBackgroundColor: UIColor { get }
    var headerBackgroundOpacity: Float { get }
    var playListCurrentItemTextColor: UIColor { get }
    var playListItemsTextColor: UIColor { get }
    var playListCurrentItemFont: UIFont { get }
    var playListItemsFont: UIFont { get }
    var timeLabelTextColor: UIColor { get }
    var sliderTintColor: UIColor { get }
    var sliderThumbColor: UIColor { get }
    var activityViewColor: UIColor { get }
    var playListItemsBackgroundColor: UIColor { get }
    var resizeButtonImage: UIImage! { get }
    var playButtonImage: UIImage! { get }
    var pauseButtonImage: UIImage! { get }
    var forwardButtonImage: UIImage! { get }
    var backButtonImage: UIImage! { get }
    var optionsButtonImage: UIImage! { get }