A virtual pet game for iOS


Hello! This is a virtual pet, tamagachi type game for iOS. It was really fun to make, but there is still many things I would want to do with it. This is my first iOS application I made, so feedback is welcome

How to Play:

The goal of Thompson the Virtual Pet is to get as high of a score as possible. The longer Thompson stays alive, the higher the score you will earn. To keep Thompson alive, he needs food and water on a consistent basis. These however, cost money, which the player can earn by working. If Thompson’s food or water decrease too much, he will start to lose emotion, which will have a negative impact on how much his food and water will help him. If his food or water gets even lower than that, he will begin to lose health. If his health reaches 0, he will die ?


I made this project to practice Swift development, as well as good object oriented principles, and the Model View Controller design pattern

Development To Do:

  • Play Again Button Resets all data
  • Fix UI scaling for all phone orientations
  • Hex colors do not EXACTLY match on different views of the model


Thompson Art by “fsvieira” through OpenGameArt


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