Calculator App

Auto Layout

  • Used stack view for all key rows and displays
  • Created constraint variations for horizontal orientation (compact height)
  • Used height constraints and pinning

iPhone 13 Pro Max iPhone SE (2nd generation)
drawing drawing
drawing drawing

How It Works?

  • Puts into display the last arithmetic operation button tapped
  • Deletes “0” if user taps another digit after zero, except decimal numbers (0.5, 0.8 etc.)
  • Applies plus-minus and percent operations to last operand
  • Shows the last operation above the operation display
  • Uses auto-shrink font size and line break

Arithmetic Operations Auto Shrink and Line Break Percent and Plus-Minus Key Handling “0”s
drawing drawing drawing drawing

MVC Pattern

  • There is no logic or data in view and controller
  • Calculator Model(Calculator/Model/Calculator.swift) contains all the things about input validity and arithmetic operations
  • Controller(Calculator/Controller/ViewController.swift) calls methods of calculator model and use its outputs in IBActions and includes IBOutlets
  • View(Calculator/Controller/Main.Storyboard) is created with Storyboard


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