Wordle, but in a grid.

A screenshot of the game

This game was built to demonstrate Tokamak‘s Fiber backend, which can match SwiftUI nearly 1:1 on the web.

Getting Started

You can play at, or you can clone to play locally.

Running with Carton

Install Carton:

brew install swiftwasm/tap/carton

Enter this package’s root directory and start the site:

carton dev

How to Play

Each row and column forms a word. Find all six words to win.

You can make up to 5 guesses per tile.

Tap on a selector to enter a row/column. Then you can start typing.

Letters will change color to indicate various states.

  • Green means the letter is correct. You cannot change a green letter.
  • Yellow means the letter goes somewhere else in the grid
  • Gray means the letter is not in the word

Each guess does not need to make a fully valid grid.

If you make more than 5 guesses in any tile, you lose.


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