Word Guessing Game

This is a word guessing game iOS app built using UIKit framework. The app presents players with a set of clues and a partially completed answer, and they need to guess the correct word by selecting letters from a grid of buttons. The app features multiple levels with increasing difficulty and keeps track of the player’s score.



  • Multiple levels with varying difficulty.
  • Clues provided for each level to help players guess the word.
  • Interactive letter buttons for selecting letters.
  • Ability to submit answers and receive feedback on correctness.
  • Score tracking system to keep count of the player’s achievements.
  • Clear functionality to remove the last entered letter.
  • Level up feature when a certain score milestone is reached.

Tools and Technology

  • Language: Swift
  • Framework: UIKit
  • Development Environment: Xcode
  • Version Control: Git


This project was made as a part of Hacking with Swift course by Paul Hudson.


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