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A wrapper for the TagLib Audio Meta-Data Library

A wrapper for the TagLib Audio Meta-Data Library


TagLib is a library for reading and editing the meta-data of several popular audio formats. Currently it supports both ID3v1 and ID3v2 for MP3 files, Ogg Vorbis comments and ID3 tags and Vorbis comments in FLAC, MPC, Speex, WavPack, TrueAudio, WAV, AIFF, MP4 and ASF files.


To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

Swift Example:

let audio = TLAudio(fileAtPath: audioFilePath.path)!
audio.title = "exampleTitle"
audio.artist = "exampleArtist"
audio.album = "exampleAlbum"
audio.comment = "exampleComment"
audio.genre = "exampleGenre"
audio.year = 2001
audio.track = 1
audio.frontCoverPicture = imageData
audio.artistPicture = imageData

Currently only a Flac and MPEG/MP3 wrapper are included...


TagLibIOS is available through CocoaPods. In order to compile this correctly one has to add use_frameworks! to the Podfile!
To install it, simply add the following lines to your Podfile:

target 'MyApp' do
  pod 'TagLibIOS'