Let me introduce you my AimList app, which includes features for drawing, timing, and note-taking.

Functional details?

  • AimList app employs Attributes (Core Data) to operate efficiently;
  • With AimList app, users can create personal records that include the expiration date and other details. The app provides functions to indicate whether the task has been completed or not, and allows the user to delete it accordingly;
  • AimList app offers additional features such as an art space, which allows users to draw on a virtual whiteboard;
  • AimList app also provides the option to browse notes or quotes, providing users with additional inspiration or motivation;
  • One of the capabilities of AimList app is to manage the timing of fasting and feeding periods, giving users a tool to support their health and wellness journey;

Demonstration of work?

Photo demonstration of work?

Image 1 Image 2
Image1 Image2
Image 3 Image 4
Image3 Image4
Image 5 Image 6
Image5 Image6


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